Accidents, whiplash injury and law

by allan46 on August 18, 2011

Traffic collisions and accidents account for more than 60% premature deaths that occur throughout the metropolitan areas and developed and developing nations of the world.


Among the most threatening factors of these road crashes the most registered is driving error or careless driving which formed major segment of deaths and disability to the victims of these accidents.


A study held in 1985 based on the premise of British and American crash reports data, the fatal accidents were found to be the negligence and reckless driving faults which was estimated at 57% of the total cases.


Other imperative factors that rolled over the charts road accidents speed of operation (driving speed), road design, and vehicle design and driver impairment.  Most of these road accidents and whiplash injuries led to immediate death or physical disability.  More adverse are the surmounting unbearable cost for both individual and society as a result of these unreasonable collisions.



In this entire skimmed story of road accidents one thing is apparent that the majority of crashes and accidents were solely due to the drivers fault and the same has been surveyed for other human factors like intoxication which contributed for 93% of the collisions.


From considerable times it has been taken into priorities as to bring forth the system that avoids these traffic injuries and collisions and among the most significant areas of road safety measures and rules, legal assortments has also been enforced to regulate and discard them as much as possible.


Prominent legal mechanism to this segment came from the enactment of strong laws in favor of the injured or the victim party of accidents. Though there are powerful segments of law to deal with these unruly threats of road hits and accidents but it is still much of a requisite to find the right rescuer in the form of personal injury lawyer to proceed with the effective lines of restoring claims.


Legal advice from accident lawyers has become a big board to rely on for the whiplash injury victims who always has issues dealing with the case and go with the proceedings against the accused.


Personal injury lawyers solicits the injury compensation claim keeping in track with all the legal compliance including the stipulation of time limit for filing whiplash injury claim and combining all the legal sections and framing them strategically to uphold the case appeal most assertively.


Right from keeping the records and evidences and coordinating with different processes that needs to be dealt with in order to claim the right compensation against the loss.


It is always good to avoid being trapped to such situations by carrying safety measures while dealing with traffic and traverse but most importantly it’s much necessary to know what you have in the books and bags of law to help you relieve from these hell raisers.

Author is expert in Claims Management and directly associated with Direct Motor Solution, he has written number of articles on various financial and insurance subjects. Personal Injury Lawyers and Injury Claims is his personal area of interest.
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