Are You Entitled To Personal Injury Compensation?

by allan46 on August 7, 2011

For anyone who has suffered injuries as a result of an accident that was not their fault is likely to think about claiming compensation to cover their losses.  Of course, their first thought will probably be how much could I claim for? But more important than this is determining whether or not you are eligible to claim in the first place.

When it comes to personal injury claims it is up to you to prove negligence on the part of another person or persons.  To do this you will need to provide evidence in support of your claim which will prove unequivocally that you were not at fault and that the other party was negligent.  The level of evidence you can provide can determine whether or not you are eligible to claim and the amount of compensation you should claim for.

Your first step in filing a personal injury claim is to contact a DC personal injury lawyer to discuss your claim and your eligibility.   Of course the other party will deny any culpability and may also hire defense lawyers to represent them.  Hiring a lawyer to represent you will ensure you have someone on your side who knows how to deal with insurance companies and defense lawyers, as well as protect your rights when it comes to claiming personal injury compensation.  And should you claim go to trial you will need to a lawyer to represent you in court.

Once you meet with a lawyer they will review your case and advise you on both your eligibility and how best to proceed.  Being eligible to claim compensation does not mean you will be successful or even that it is worthwhile proceeding to make a claim.  The amount of compensation you could be awarded will vary from case to case and will depend on the extent of your injuries, the cause of the accident and other factors like loss of earnings or lifestyle. 

If a lawyer thinks a claim is worth pursuing then you should look to hire them to represent you and file your claim.  A good DC personal injury lawyer will advise you of your legal rights and what you need to do while your claim is being processed.  Any action you take could have an impact on your claim and the amount of compensation you could claim.  Once you hire a lawyer they will work to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to whilst you recover from the injuries you have suffered.

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