Back Injury Compensation – How much i can Claim?

by allan46 on August 9, 2011

Our back is composed of bones, muscles, along with other tissues extending from the neck down to the pelvis. The back can suffer injuries resulting from damage or trauma to its structures. It is an area commonly suffering from injuries due to the flexibility and the amount of body weight it bears. Common back injuries include sprains and strains, herniated disks, and vertebral fracture.

Reasons for back injuries change from road traffic accidents, work accidents, slip or fall injury and sports injury. A person may experience back pains, impaired back mobility, walking and movement difficulties, and subsequent decline in performing day to day activities.

The doctor may move the patient to undergo different diagnostic studies after a complete health background and physical exams for the back pain. This enables ruling out possible causes of pain and then try to determine the origin of theproblem. To check on for details of bone structures within the back, x-rays can be achieved. Another imaging study may be the MRI which is able to cut through multiple layers from the spine and show any changes in soft tissues for example nerves and ligaments. The kitty scan can also be requested. It’s much like both the MRI along with a regular X-ray, since it can show both bones and soft tissues.

The management for back injuries depends on the kind and severity of the injury. For mild injuries, bed rest is important but prolonged resting is discouraged. Physical rehabilitation can be expected to reduce pain and speed up recovery. For severe injuries, surgery may be required to correct damaged tissue. Most mild back injuries resolve within 1-2 weeks, while moderate to severe injuries may take months to heal.

Nevertheless, back injuries are debilitating and compromise one’s lifestyle. Back injury problems cost the nation about £6 billion annually, almost sixty-six per cent of it is a result of time lost from work.

If you have been a victim within an accident which has caused you this kind of injury, Duncan Gibbins can assist you to receive back injury compensation claim you’re entitled for. At Duncan Gibbins, our team of experienced solicitors will ensure that you simply gain the most compensation that you deserve.

Compensation for any back injury claim differs from case to case. The quantity of compensation you obtain is determined by the severity of the injury. For severe back injury compensation, claims can reach approximately up to £108,000. Survivors with this type of injury are suffering from impaired bladder, bowel functions and possible chronic disability.

When the harshness of the injury is moderate, you may be left with a permanent disability, such as a fracture of a vertebra, where there is really a substantial chance of osteoarthritis and constant pain. The back injury compensation for this may are as long as £24750. Soft tissue damages or exacerbations of the existing injury may also be categorized here.

Furthermore, some minor injuries such as strains and sprains, claims can stretch up to £8000. We handle cases under a no win, no fee agreement which means your claim are pursued using the knowledge when you lose you won’t have to pay us. And for successful claims, we recover our legal costs out of your opponent’s insurance company.

Compensation Claim, Back Injury Claim If you have had any sort of accident that was not your fault, please contact the Duncan Gibbins team or call us on 0151 949 5757 to go over your potential claim in further detail.
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