Blame is Part of Gaining Personal Injury Compensation

by allan46 on January 28, 2011

Making a personal accident claim is all about blame rather than the extent of your injuries.

Numerous different incidents can lead to such legal claims including accidents involving a car, at work, in a public place, on a motorcycle or in a military scenario.

But the key question that needs to be asked to establish whether or not there is realistic basis for a successful personal accident claim is: who is primarily responsible for the incident to begin with?

If the claimant was the cause of the incident – irrelevant of how serious it happened to be – a personal injury case such as this will not succeed. The concern is then that you may have a 3rd party involved in the accident claiming against you.

A personal injury compensation claim will only become straightforward if the other party’s negligence is established. As a solicitor will take on the case on a no win no fee basis, they will be confident that your case will succeed, otherwise they would put themseleves in danger of receiving no fee at all. Lawyers will not take on cases which have no chance of success.

Immediately after the accident there is a procedure to be followed before a personal accident claim can be pursued. Your first step should be to collate evidence about your accident and this will help your case be successful in the future.

Ideally a photograph should be taken of the accident scene and personal details of the people involved written down and kept securely. These bits and bobs of information, when put together, will help in providing evidence for your claim. Do not forget to let the police know of the incident and also get a medical assessment done of any injuries that you have received.

Next step on the road to a successful outcome is to locate and engage a specialist accident injury compensation lawyer who is happy to pursue your injury compensation claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. Whilst the solicitor is studying the claim, keep in touch with the people who were involved in the accident. Inform the person or the company legally responsible for the accident about the injury compensation claim that is being made against them. Sometimes you will find that this is a very useful step to be able to negotiate a reasonable settlement figure at the conclusion of your personal injury compensation claim.

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