Britons urged to contact injury compensation lawyers

by allan46 on July 28, 2011

A quarter of Britons would be too embarrassed to consult injury compensation lawyers following suffering an accident at function, new study has revealed.

Are individuals avoiding injury compensation lawyers?


A study by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, a non-profit organisation run by injury compensation lawyers, found that 25 per cent of individuals could be reluctant to make a claim against their employer because they felt they would be viewed in a negative light if they did so.


The survey asked much more than 1,150 adults in the UK whether they would consult injury compensation lawyers if they suffered a significant injury following using faulty or unsuitable equipment in the workplace and worryingly revealed that a substantial proportion of them would not.

Muiris Lyons, president of the APIL, explained that many employees are worried about contacting injury compensation lawyers simply because they are worried about damaging relations using the company they had been working for.


He added that some individuals might really feel that their career would be put at risk if they decided to get in touch with injury compensation lawyers in a bid to take legal action following being injury in an accident.

Injury compensation lawyers assist individuals stand up for their rights


Nevertheless, Mr Lyons pointed out that employers have a duty to make sure workers are not put at risk and if someone is injured simply because a business has failed in this duty then they have each and every right to get in touch with injury compensation lawyers in order to seek recompense for what has happened.


“People are correct to create a claim if they’re injured via an employer’s negligence – it’s an employer’s duty to maintain employees secure in the function place,” the injury compensation lawyers expert said.


The negative stigma which may turn out to be attached to individuals who contact injury compensation lawyers after suffering an accident in the workplace is unfair, Mr Lyons added.


Based on figures released by APIL, around 120,000 injuries were reported within the workplace over the last year, and this means thousands of individuals might be have decided not to contact injury compensation lawyers when they had every right to do so.

3 years to get in touch with injury compensation lawyers


Thankfully, claims could be filed up to 3 years following the date of the incident, so it is not too late for individuals to change their minds and get in touch with injury compensation lawyers in order to take action.


Not just will injury compensation lawyers have the ability to advise an individual on whether or not they’ve a case, but they will also have the ability to take in on a no win, no fee basis if appropriate.


If a person suffers from an injury due to the negligence of some other individual, he or she is entitled to get compensation claim within the type of cash. This is the total quantity of cash awarded to a victim depending on his injury or disability to perform. Claiming for compensation will be the right of the victim. You will find various insurance businesses who attempt not to give full claim to an accident victim. You should seek the assist of Individual injury compensation lawyers to file a claim and get due compensation.

Fortunately, claims can be filed up to three years after the date of the incident, so it is not too late for people to change their minds and contact injury compensation lawyers in order to take action. compensation lawyers, compensation lawyers
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