Can I Claim Back Injury Compensation

by allan46 on February 5, 2011

Many people refrain from trying to get back injury compensation due to the fact they are unsure about the process and fear that they will be billed if the claim is unsuccessful.


However if you have sustained a back injury that fits the following basic criterion then you almost certainly have grounds for making a successful claim for back injury compensation.


1) The back injury must have been caused by a negligent party

2) There must have been some quantifiable loss as a result of the injury

3) There must be substantive evidence to show that there is damage to the neck or back

4) The injury must have been incurred during three years prior to the claim.


Even the smallest of knocks or falls can result in damage to your back. These can frequently be debilitating and cause long term impact on ones ability to work. It obviously depends on your circumstances but often this results in loss of income.


There are a lot of diverse predicaments that can result in back injury. These range from slips and falls to auto accidents. The latter are reported to cause in excess of one million back injuries each and every 12 months in the United States. A high percentage of these are from rear end collisions caused by another vehicle. This results in the whiplash effect where the head is thrown backwards causing harm to the neck and spine. The difficulty is that this damage might not manifest right away so you will be able to get out of the car and walk around without having difficulty. It can be a few months following the accident that you begin to experience pain and the difficulty will be in proving that the back discomfort was caused by the accident.


Visit your doctor if you start to feel back or neck discomfort in the weeks following the accident. This will not only make sure the right medical action is taken but also help to confirm that there is some residual damage to the back.


You will need to take on the services of a good personal injury solicitor who will prepare a successful back injury compensation claim. Most will take a case on a no win no fee basis. Which means that you will not have to pay anything. The costs will be covered by the other parties insurance company or by the solicitors themselves in the unlikely event that the claim is unsuccessful.


Go over your claim with your personal injury solicitor and he will advise you if you have a good case for back injury compensation.

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