Can I sue my previous employer if I haven't recieved any workers compensation?

by admin on August 10, 2010

I was working at a place called Shake Shack *Fast Food* (Downtown Manhattan NYC, NY) After working there for about a month I was Injured on the job (The inside of my eyelid was burnt from an exploding container of hot fudge) since that time I was no longer able to go back to work due to my injury. At first i was going to the hospital with no Health Coverage but over time the employer finally sent me a address the bills can be payed to through it all i gave in all my info stating my injury and still and all I’m still recieving treatment for this injury 5 months later.I was visited by a man from the compensation board who where paying my bills and he made me sign a claim (even though I myself individually and my Boss seperatly did one) and he took a picture of my face i guess for proof.All in all what I’m asking is how can I go about this situation the man told me if I wanted to recieve workers comp i won’t be able to work but too much time has passed and I’m broke and why the workers comp people sending me letters as if they never recieved any of my medical copies plz help because it’s getting to the point that I’m litterally buggin’ out

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Chrys August 10, 2010 at 11:47 pm

then you need to find a lawyer and contact your local employment office…

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