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by admin on October 8, 2010

Every year thousands of people lose their lives or get seriously injured in car accidents. Reckless driving, lack of reverence for the law and lack of respect for the safety of others results in fatalities that can end not just one life but a whole family. Chesapeake, VA is one such city where each year thousands of people become seriously injured due to accidents involving crossing the red lights. Chesapeake has started installing thousands of red light cameras all over the city to reduce the number of casualties and to enhance transportation security.

Many Chesapeake residents who had the misfortune of facing a car wreck and have been in an accident tried to file a claim for compensation themselves. Did it work? Is it possible to file a claim without consulting an accident injury attorney? Well, a research conducted in Chesapeake suggests otherwise. Even though small injuries like minimal bruises or no apparent injury can be claimed without a lawyer, it is in your own interest to hire car accident lawyers to file larger claims.

A local resident of Chesapeake who had a heads on with a biker last year remembers her misfortunate accident. She was severely injured and so was the biker. When the case went in to trial, the fault and liability was disputed. Since she decided to take the case in to her own hands and did not consult a lawyer, the biker not only got away with the crime he committed but she ended up having to pay her own medical bills. Because of her injuries, she could not work for 3 months and had to face financial difficulties. ‘Legal advice and expertise is really important if you are filing for a big claim in Chesapeake.’ she suggested to everyone.

Even when you have witnesses and evidences that clearly shows your innocence and the guilt of the other party; you should still consider hiring professional to see you through the legal procedures and help you in prosecuting the guilty party. You will also have a better chance of winning maximum claims because of a lawyer and his courtroom expertise.

It is also common in Chesapeake to have an accident which includes pedestrians. Such cases are usually hard to claim if the fault wasn’t yours. Statistics show that 55% of the cases involving a collision of a car with a pedestrian resulting in injuries to the pedestrians are given in favor of them. If the fault is not yours and the pedestrian purposely or mistakenly ran in front of your car then you will have a much stronger case with a lawyer, his insight and intellect on your side.

Lager claims are more difficult to win and you don’t need the added stress of having to worry about the expense coverage and payment. Having an accident is bad enough! Handling your compensation claim is best left to the professionals who know their job well

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