Car accident settlement amount?

by admin on October 10, 2010

I was in a car accident late august, and am now starting to settle the claim. The other driver was at fault, and I was injured. My car was totaled, and I’ve already been compensated for that. Now comes the medical.
I had an ER visit, a normal doctors visit, 5 physical therapy appointments, as well as being prescribed vicodin, muscle relaxant, and extra-strong ibuprofen. I had an acute cervical strain, which was basically a back injury. I couldn’t bend over to wash my legs without being in considerable pain for weeks. Even now that the therapy is over I still suffer some left over stiffness in the lower back if I over do bending or lifting.
I just talked to the at-fault’s insurance company, and they’re offering me 0, plus 3 days work compensation. Does this sound right? I was offered 0 first day just from the ER visit!
I’ve been told from my dads insurance agent (who is a good friend of his as well) that the compensation should at least match the medical expenses, which I also know has to be well over ,500.
Does anyone have an idea how much I should be compensated? Or how to argue with the companies to get the right amount? I’m afraid I can’t afford a lawyer….

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MSAD October 10, 2010 at 2:11 pm

If you want to know what your medical bills are….go get copies of them.

Go by the ER billing office and get a copy of their bill. There may also be separate bills for the ER Physician and the Radiologist (if xrays were done). If you were transported from the scene by EMS – contact them and get a copy of that bill.

Then go to your normal dr and get a copy of his bill for the date of service that was related the the accident.

Then go to the physical therapist and get a copy of their bill.

Then keep copies of the bills for yourself and send another copy to the adjuster.

If you want to negotiate on the bills…you need to know what your actual medical costs were not guess.

In essence, you had a soft tissue injury. A sprain. It’s not a big injury.

Dtownfb October 10, 2010 at 2:11 pm

this is a situation where you need to retain a lawyer. With what you are describing, you could have significant future medical expenses. You need someone with experience to help you negotiate this. You need assurances that you will be compensated for any future therapy session.

At the very least you should be compensated for your current and future expenses. Ask your father friend to help you. If the at-fault insurance drags their feet, then hire a lawyer.

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