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by allan46 on January 14, 2011

For such a small and seemingly insignificant part of the body, the wrist is injured easily and the effects can be far-reaching. From numbness and pain to loss of movement, impaired use of your hands and the inability to work, a wrist injury can cause a great deal of problems. If you have suffered an injury to your wrist in an incident that was not your fault, then you can claim for personal injury compensation with the claims management company that makes it easy: Claim-Easy (

The reason the wrist is injured easily is that the wrist bones are fragile and easily sprained or broken, but also because it is often the wrists that take the brunt of the impact in a fall. In slips, trips and falls, we often instinctively put our arms out in front of us to cushion the blow. This can cause one or both wrists to be damaged and is one of the most common causes for personal injury claims. It’s important that you get what you rightfully deserve if you have injured your wrist in an accident or slip, trip or fall that was not your fault, because the wrist is central to so many of our everyday movements with our hands and arms. With one or both wrists injured, even in a minor way, the effects can be frustrating at least to debilitating at worst.

Repetitive strain injuries are common relatively minor types of wrist injuries that can be suffered at work, whether through typing or on the factory floor. Every employer has a duty of care to ensure that the work conditions and day-to-day tasks of each employee could not lead to repetitive strain in any way. If they are negligent in their duty of care and an employee develops repetitive strain as a result, then they could also be eligible for injury compensation.

The severity of wrist injuries varies widely, from simple bruising or straining and fractures that will heal fairly quickly all the way through to more permanent damage which could see the wrist disabled for life. Therefore, the levels of compensation awarded in various personal injury wrist claims will also vary widely. Regardless of the situation that caused a wrist injury or its seriousness, if it was not your fault then you could be eligible to claim compensation. Choose a claims management company that is experienced, professional, friendly and committed to making the whole process as easy as possible for you: Claim-Easy. Working entirely on a no win no fee basis for all personal injury cases, you can be sure that you will receive 100% of your rightful compensation. To find out more, visit

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