Claiming Personal Injury Compensation: Facial Injuries

by allan46 on December 16, 2010

Suffering a personal injury that was not your fault could well mean that you are within your right to claim personal injury compensation. If you are eligible for compensation, then it is important that you claim what is rightfully yours, particularly when the personal injury adversely affects your personal or professional life. Some of the most distressing personal injuries involve facial injury or disfigurement. Here, claims management company Claim-Easy ( discusses claiming for compensation for facial injuries.

If you can prove that the accident that caused the personal injury was as a result of someone else’s fault and not your own (whether an individual or a company or council, etc.) then you can often successfully claim compensation for medical costs, loss of earnings or to compensate for psychological trauma. Suffering a serious injury to the face often causes great distress as it can temporarily or permanently alter the victim’s looks, making social interaction difficult and in some cases leading to depression. There may also be considerable ongoing medical and/or dental procedures to try to repair the face in the best possible way. Both of these factors should be taken into consideration when the courts decide on injury compensation.

When applying for personal injury compensation for facial disfigurement (scarring, burns, tissue and bone damage or damage to the facial features) the courts will also take the victim’s gender into account. Female victims tend to be awarded higher levels of injury compensation to compensate for the fact that our society has different attitudes towards male and female appearance. Facial disfigurement can arise from road traffic accidents where there was traumatic injury to the face, or industrial accidents where the victim suffered trauma to the face either by equipment or toxic substances. Less serious facial injuries often involve fractures of the facial bones and are among the most common of personal injury claims. Slips, trips and falls can often lead to facial bone fractures as this delicate area of our body can often bear the brunt of trauma.

If you plan to claim for injury compensation or accident compensation for facial disfigurement, it’s important to choose a claims management company that is sensitive, supportive and highly experienced in managing such claims. Claim-Easy prides itself on being able to support sufferers in just this way and work on a no win no fee basis for all personal injury cases. For further information visit:

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