Dealing With a Whiplash Injury Claim

by allan46 on February 20, 2011

If you have been, or know anyone who has been involved in a road traffic accident recently and sustained injuries, then this article will provide the very best information needed to secure you compensation for any injuries. Compensation for Whiplash injuries can range anything from £1000 – £8000 depending on the level of injury and other circumstances involved.

Whiplash injuries usually come to light the following day after an accident. The most common symptoms will include some minor discomfort or pain a few hours after the incident to the neck, shoulders or back regions of the body. By the following day, usually after a nights sleep, this will have developed into more serious pain and discomfort sometimes immobilising the person from moving out of bed.

If you have developed any of the above following an accident then read these top tips for dealing with a Whiplash Injury claim for compensation.

If possible, always take pictures of the accident circumstances such as the damage to other vehicles involved, damage to your vehicle and if evident any signs of the accident on the road surfaces.

Ensure you get all third parties involved in the accident details such as full name and addresses, vehicle plate numbers involved, brief description of the accident, weather conditions and any witness statements. The location, date and time of the circumstances and all parties insurance details if possible. By law everyone involved in a road traffic accident must supply details on request, if anyone involved in the accident does not give any contact details over then we recommend calling the Police immediately for their assistance. If you have Police assistance for the accident always take the PC number and rank for future correspondence.

If you feel pain or discomfort soon after the accident, book yourself a Doctors appointment immediately or at the latest the following day. If the pain becomes steadily worse throughout the day then we recommend you visit your local hospital for full diagnose. Always keep any documentation from your doctor or the hospital on your whiplash injury. Insist on a report of some kind as this will be one of the most important supporting documentation for evidence purposes during your compensation claim.

If you feel any dizziness following the accident, on no account must you drive a vehicle or operate machinery. If you were at work at the time of the accident then report the details immediately to your employer. An accident report should be compiled on the circumstances by your employers health & safety representative which will also act as important supporting evidence in your compensation claim.

Find yourself a reputable Whiplash Injury claim lawyer, solicitor or attorney to work on your behalf for your compensation claim. Most good companies specialising in this area can now be found on the internet easily and will do all the hard work for you. All that will be required from you are copies of the documentation listed above and your authority to legally represent you in this claim.

Never send the original copies as if these were lost then you have no supporting documentation for the accident.

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