Does anyone have actual statistics on PTSD claims from the Iraq/Afghanistan conflict?

by admin on February 5, 2011

I couldn’t find any site that has actual figures cited. I’ve heard some high numbers and was alarmed by the high numbers from what I heard. I’d like to know the facts if they’re out there. Having served in Iraq for 3.5 years, all in either combat (USMC Infantry-0311 Rifleman, 2005 Al Anbar) or Mobile Security, I’ve met several people over the years that have boasted about their ability to get VA benefits with ease for questionable claims of injury. For example, I knew several Marines who were Admin Clerks who filed for and received 15%-25% disability for "service connected ailments" like back pain, who never had to hump a 100 lb pack or face combat. They used to brag about how easy it was and it pissed me off as a combat vet to hear it. That being said, I know a few that never faced combat that are being compensated for PTSD. If I know a few, then there must be thousands. I’d like to see official figures on the percentage of troops receiving compensation for PTSD. I’ve heard it dwarfs other wars for the sheer amount of people claiming it.

What spurred this on is a little debate about some Army Psychiatrist at Fort Bliss who said that "Soldiers with PTSD deserve the Purple Heart." I was given this story by some former British Royal Marines and it made me extremely embarrassed as an American. Brits already don’t get a medal for getting wounded in action…now we are trying to award medals to people that claim Iraq or Afghan gave them an anxiety disorder? F**k that.
Before you lay into me, I saw the worst shit that happens in war happen to my brothers in arms and lost my best friend in combat in Iraq. Body parts strewn across the road from IEDs, bloodied wounded in unimaginable pain, traumatic amputees, you name it. I just don’t want to hear that the system is being overloaded with bullshit claims when the true heroes need help.

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