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by admin on October 20, 2010

When it comes to winning a case in court you need to make sure that everything is running in your favour. You’ll need to make use of as many favourable witnesses as you can to support your claims and demands. Without witnesses in your support your case will fall before it has begun. However, despite having said this, there are some types of case which don’t require witnesses to reach success. One of the most common of these is personal injury claims. To win at this case you’re going to need the services of a medico-legal firm.

These companies boast a range of certified professionals from doctors to solicitors who have the skills needed to bring your case to justice. One of their most fundamental assets is their ability to offer you an expert witness. Despite the name, the term does not refer to people who have seen a crime with their own eyes! They are certified professionals who are called upon to court to offer their expertise on a fact or piece of evidence that the judge isn’t sure on. In terms of your personal injury, an expert witness can validate your injuries and even explain how they happened. Expert witnesses can be provided by the court but if your case is only for a small claim you’re probably going to need to produce your own.

What to look for from a medico-legal company?

Expert witnesses can normally be found from medico-legal companies. It’s up to you to find the right
one to acquire services from.

Certified: Although any medical professional will be helpful to your case it is in your best interest to ensure that they are also certified. They will obviously need to be registered as an expert witness but should hopefully also be certified by the GMC (General Medical Council) and by the MDU (Medical Defence Union). This will help to heighten the authenticity of their expert opinion.

Successful: Many medico-legal companies will be more than happy to list a ‘testimonials’ page or a ‘previous clients’ page on their website. Check these sections out and learn which cases their expert witnesses have supported before. If they have a solid track record you can be confident in their ability to help win your case.

Fairly Priced: Your personal injury claim will be more than likely to sue for compensation in order to cover your time off of work. If you hire an expert witness who costs the earth it will defeat the point of your claim altogether. Use the internet to compare and contrast a vast range of companies to find a company who can offer you a reasonable price.

An expert witness can drastically enhance the strength of your case/claim. For personal injuries especially, their experience in the medical world can affirm to a judge the seriousness of your injuries and help in securing you the money that you deserve.

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Don’t let the guilty get away with their crime – utilise an Expert Witness and unleash the legal power of a professional opinion.
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