Five Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Compensation

by allan46 on January 12, 2011

Filing a personal injury claim is considered to be tricky since there are various laws and procedures that have to be kept in mind while filing for compensation. This article will elaborate on 5 frequently asked questions that claimants usually have in mind while filing for personal injury compensation.

FAQ #1 – When Can I File for Personal Injury Compensation?
According to UK laws if a person has been injured on the road, injured at work or in a public place due to no fault of his own then he is eligible to file for compensation. If the claimant was partly at fault then a certain amount of compensation will be deducted from the claim amount but the claimant will still be compensated. If the claimant staged the accident then he will not be given any compensation. The claimant will need to find a witness at the scene of the accident to help him prove that the accident has occurred. The medical report of the doctor will also help the insurance company or the court, decide if the claimant was at fault or not.

FAQ #2 – I Have Been Mugged, Can I file for Personal Injury Compensation?
Mugging and burglary are violent or hate crimes and they fall under the criminal assault category. Similarly if you have been hit as a result of a hate crime then you will need to file a criminal assault case and not a personal injury case. If you have been attacked by a dog or any other animal while on someone else’s property then you will need to file a criminal assault case but if you have hit a deer or any other animal on the road while driving then you can file a personal injury claim.

FAQ #3- Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Solicitor?
A personal injury solicitor can ensure that you do not make mistakes while filing the application and he will also provide helpful legal advice. In addition, the solicitor will follow up with insurance companies, deal with the adjuster and represent you in court.

FAQ #4- Where Can I Find a Personal Injury Solicitor?
Personal injury solicitors can be found through accident settlement companies that provide legal services. These settlement companies hire lawyers to work for them and when a claimant needs legal help the company will assign a local lawyer to the claimant.

FAQ #5 – How Much Do I Have to Pay for Legal Services?
Most personal injury lawyers do not charge any fees for legal services which means that you get free legal advice and help. Accident settlement companies that offer legal services offer the no win no fee service that allows claimants to enjoy free legal services without any strings attached. If the claimant wins the personal injury compensation case then the solicitor will collect his legal fees from the party that has lost and if the claimant loses the case then the solicitor will not be eligible to collect legal fees since he has not helped the claimant.

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