Getting to the Bottom of the Poligrip Lawsuit

by admin on July 22, 2010

Glaxosmithkline have had 2 class action lawsuits filed against them regarding their product “Super Poligrip”. One was settled out of court the other is still pending and in investigation. In the poligrip lawsuit Glaxo allegedly failed to warn consumers about the dangers of their product “Super poligrip”. They stated that they would planned to take the product off the market this year, however several consumers have already been hurt from the side effects of their product.


Many people have complained there is a link between their neurological damage and the product. It is believed that consumers are ingesting too much zinc daily. The long term users of super poligrip are suffering many debilitating side effects. Zinc overdose has many symptoms however they are often misdiagnosed due to fact that they are common side effects of other chronic conditions.


The recommended daily dose of zinc is between 11mg and 15mg with 40 being the highest tolerated dose by an adult on record. In the denture cream lawsuit they are alleging the daily exposure to zinc in “Super poligrip” is believed to be over 300 mg 6 times the recommended dose. Long term use of this product causes irreversible damage to the neurological system, as well as damage to the liver, kidney’s, and digestive system.


Symptoms of Zinc Poisoning:


There are several symptoms of zinc poisoning. High levels of zinc or hyperzincemia can cause damage to the liver, stomach, and neurological system.


Twitching of Skeletal Muscles


Stomach cramps


Joint pain


Balance Problems

Difficulty walking

Unexplained pain

Numbness in arms & legs

Loss of sensation



High Levels of zinc or Hyperzincemia can also cause other complications including Depletion of copper or copper deficiency. Copper deficiency can cause reduced thyroid gland function, reduced red blood cell function, cardiovascular disease, and even slowed healing. Below are some symptoms of copper deficiency:



Skin sores

Hair loss



Slowed growth


Overall the excessive use of zinc in any product can cause severe side effects and irreversible conditions. The gross negligence of GlaxoSmithKline is one that happens frequently. It is recommended that all families research products used in the home daily. Did you know Zinc is a important ingredient used in toothpaste? It is also used in many vitamin and mineral supplements we take everyday. According to the Institute for Medicine and Clinical studies the recommended daily allowance of Zinc is only 8mg in women and 11 mg in men. Most people get that amount out of the food they eat. Researching the topic and finding out all you can about Zinc and products in which zinc is an ingredient will prevent your family from suffering from zinc poisoning in their life.

 If you believe you have any of the above symptoms be sure to consult your physician. Additionally getting a yearly blood test to check all your levels will allow you to catch something like Zinc poisoning early. Catching it early and treating it right way will prevent you from suffering with irreversible side effects and keep you and your family safe.

About the Author:
The author Lisa Robertson is not a medical physician or an Attorney. This content is meant of entertainment purposes only. Consult a licensed physician or an Attorney for further questions. Lisa Robertson is a freelance writer and advocate for health and wellness. If you would like to read additional information please visit the American Legal Journal or Zinc Poisoning for more details.
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