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by allan46 on February 11, 2011


Head injury and associated traumas present serious health concerns in the United Kingdom; however, according to one study released in 2008, the acute costs of these injuries lack detailed documentation and analysis. This can make it difficult for victims seeking

Consider the Statistics

One extensive research project incorporated the Trauma Audit Research Network Database and covered a full five years in its expansive study.  Using the Injury Severity Score, or ISS, the results revealed:

63% of head injury victims were men
Median age for head injuries was 46 years
Falls accounted for 50% of all head injuries
29% required critical care for at least four days
69% required at least one surgical procedure
The costs varied significantly and were dependent on age, causes of injury, type of injury and other factors

Clearly, these statistics highlight the importance of ensuring proper legal representation as victims seek their options for head injury compensation.  The fact is, the long term effects, including future medical procedures, are often unknown.  These injuries are often financially devastating and victims are sometimes never released by their physicians or neurologists to return to their former work.  Sufficient head injury compensation is the only way to protect both the victim and his family from financial ruin. 

Victims are encouraged to seek legal representation so that they know their options, know what the risks are from both a legal and financial standpoint and also so that they have someone on their side whose only interest is to protect the victim and his rights.  In fact, securing the patient’s financial future might be the only sure thing a victim knows for the remainder of his life. This only highlights the importance of preparing for that future.

Before hiring legal representation, however, it’s important to know what to look for and also, what to expect:

Ensure your attorney has experience in head injury compensation cases
His methods should be transparent, as should his intentions
He is sympathetic to the sensitive nature of your injuries
His clear objective is to protect you and your family
He understands and provides information on other aspects, such as available social services

While head injuries are frightening, unpredictable and can often create an uncertain future, new medical advances are improving the possibilities for full recoveries.  Until that day arrives, however, it’s important to understand the intricacies involved with those who suffer these debilitating injuries.  We all work to ensure every safety precaution is observed in our daily lives, but when those precautions aren’t enough, an experienced lawyer on your side can level the playing field.

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