HOW can my job just put me on a LOA due to my work restrictions my surgeon placed me on?

by admin on September 1, 2010

some restrictions for work are… no lifting, pushing & pulling and stuff. a week later my job tells me that they are placing me on LOA because they can’t accommodate them and that they don’t have anything light duty for me. They told me i have 8 weeks to be back on full duty in my position, and 6 months for my employment. so basically they are pushing me out! how can they do this to me??? i need some serious advice on my work related injury (that im about to have surgery for) 2 herniated disc’s. this is a worker’s compensation claim. what are MY options here?

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michr September 1, 2010 at 11:48 pm

workers comp will pay you, if you were on light duty WC would not pay you anything or very little if light duty paid you less then your normal duty.

you will come out the same or better by not working at this time……
WC varies by state from 66 2/3% to 75% of you average wages and is NOT taxable income.

stay in touch with your WC adjuster/nurse,
follow all the steps as required by law,
don’t miss any doctors appointments for ANY reason,
have your surgery,
do your rehab,
take the FCE (functional capacity exam) if required,
and have your PPD (permanent partial disability percentage) set by your doctors,
then you will be offered a settlement.

WC is a no-fault system that generally does NOT involve attorneys unlike in the past. the state has strict guidelines and you will be taken care of………….
to get more information, advise and assistance contact your state’s worker’s compensation commission, here is a list:

Poppy September 1, 2010 at 11:48 pm

Get legal advice, different states have different laws regarding workers comp.

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