How to Find a Good Accident Claim Specialist

by admin on October 6, 2010

Claimants are slowly becoming aware that without the help of an accident claim specialist it is hard to get maximum compensation in a reasonable period of time. The following paragraphs will help you understand how to determine which accident claim specialist is worth hiring.

#1 – No win no fee services – Claimants should search for an accident claim lawyer who offers no win no fee services since by using these services claimants can get absolutely free legal help. These services ensure that claimants get excellent legal help for a large number of personal injury cases and that, claimants do not have to worry about paying legal fees or any miscellaneous fees. Claimants should note that no fee services, are not offered for dental malpractice claims, medical negligence claims and clinical negligence claims.

#2- Experience and accreditations – Claimants should look for an accident claim lawyer who has at least a little practical experience since legal experience is more important than theoretical experience. Claimants should also search for an accident claim solicitor who is accredited by two or more societies. Some of the governing bodies in UK include the Law Society and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. These governing bodies ensure that all the registered members fulfill their legal responsibilities.

#3- Track record – Claimants should look for an accident claim specialist who has a good track record. An accident claim specialist who has won 70% or more cases can be considered as a good solicitor since not all claims can be won all the time. Claimants should also note that many good solicitors work for accident claim companies hence it may be worthwhile to contact a few such companies before making a final decision on which personal injury lawyer to hire.

#4 – Testimonials – Many solicitors have their own websites and on these websites they post testimonials that have been written by previous claimants. Claimants should make it a point to go through the selected accident claim specialists website and look for such testimonials since these testimonials will help claimants understand the strong points of the selected solicitor. If the selected solicitor does not have a website or if he has not posted any testimonials on his website then the claimant should contact the solicitor and ask him for names of previous claimants that the claimants can talk to. Good solicitors either have testimonials online or they allow their current claimants to talk to previous claimants. Beware of solicitors who do not give claimants a chance to cross check their services in any way. Claimants can find information about solicitors or accident claim companies by using search engines on the internet. Claimants can also access reviews and claimant’s opinions on the internet.

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