How to Seek the right accident advice in UK ?

by admin on September 6, 2010

Accidents can be of different types. Whatever the reason behind may be, an accident is however always unfortunate. Although these accidental misfortunes come without warnings, yet the fact is undeniable that accidents are a part of life.  Life has mysterious ways by means of accidents and nevertheless life goes on accepting accidents (in another word, uncertainty) as a part of life.

A road accident or an accident at workplace has legal and medical subsequences to the incidence. This is where the accident advice people offer their service. An accident advice basically is about claiming compensation against someone or exclaiming a compensation case registered against you. Either of these legal processes requires the service of seasoned law professionals. However finding the right lawyers in UK can be especially tedious, given to the many number of accident compensation companies in the foray. Here are the simple steps to decide on the right lawyers in the field.

1.    Make a list of about 10 companies after some internet first impressions. Decide the company list on the online content and the testimonials about the company. Note down the ‘contact us’ email id. Filling up the online form for the companies is also a good idea, but be sure about what form you are reading and signing.

2.    All solicitor law firms work on the No win No fee UK road accident law of 2000. Check, whether this condition is fulfilled by the compensation claims company or not.

3.    Verify whether the solicitor firm has proper Ministry of Justice registration in its credentials.

4.    Clarify the interest of the company. Clarify whether the company only intends to use you as a money bag or whether its main aim is to assist you. Ask a straight question via email. Some searching questions like “What is the purpose of your company? Why do you want to take my case?” Pick out the best answer that feels like an effective admixture of professionalism and humanitarian concern for you. If the company does not empathize with you and treats you as a mere legal number, then it is not the right accident advice place for you.

5.    The time factor is important and you do not want a prolonged case. Ask the company how fast they can promise your compensation claim.


1.    Query well before deciding a solicitor firm. Check its reputation by all possible means. 

2.    Consult another lawyer on the terms and conditions of the solicitor firm.


1.    Do not try to initiate a false conspiracy against anyone in the name of an accident compensation claim. Be certain that you deserve the compensation. You can only be certain when you are true to yourself.

2.    Look for fine typescripts of the offer document and read it thoroughly before signin

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There are accident advice companies who can guarantee a 100 percent compensation to your claims. Claim successfully a 100 percent compensation without losing any percent of your compensation in terms of hidden fees and deductions.  
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