I injured myself on Sept. 5, 2010 at work. I have a question about worker's comp.?

by admin on January 30, 2011

I reported the injury to my boss and went to the hospital with pretty painful injuries to my upper back/left shoulder. There were no break according the the xrays. I never got workers compensation and I was kind of forced back to work. I no longer work there now. Six months later, my injury still is causing me pain but I can’t have my physician check it because it was a work accident and I guess he needs a claim number first. Since I never made a workers compensation claim, will I still be able to do it now even though its months later? I feel like I might have a small tear or something because the pain doesnt go away. It’s not like it was the first week but I can’t lift weights at the gym when i first tried. I also can lean on it for even a short period time because it will hurt. I have also sent my work information to the hospital but my former employer still has/does not want to pay for the charges. What steps should I take so I can get my shoulder checked and the hospital bill paid?

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