I was injured and insurance is ignoring me?

by admin on January 2, 2011

I was recentally in an accident caused by an inattentive driver. Some people crashed in front of my house. My father and I took it upon ourselfs to help them. It was a two lane road with the truck in the ditch on the right side of the road. They had a winch attached to their truck and it was with this that they were attempting to pull themselves out with. The winch was stretched across the road to a tree as the anchor, which is not illegal. When traffic would come through we would stop them, lower the winch line to the ground, and they would slowly pass over. However, a semi driven by a young farm boy drove through with no regards to the people around him. His windows were down and people were screaming at him to stop but he wouldn’t. He appeared to be in a situation he was not prepared for. He ran over the lowered winch line and his tires kicked up the line which was then caught on the trailer step. He was driving about 20 miles per hour and it should be noted that the crashed pickup was partly on the right road and another pickup was parked on the left side fully on the road. The road speed limit was posted at 25 mph, but it was icy on the road and there were the two pickups as well as the attending people. In Idaho it is required by law to drive for your conditions. The line pulled the truck out of the ditch and struck me and my father. It threw me through the air and in the process destroyed my left hand. I fractured ever single bone in my entire hand besides my pinky. In the accident my index finger was partially severed and never found. In my resulting three surgeries I lost half my middle finger as well and was diagnosed with a dislocated wrist, fractured right tibia, and a hairline fracture in the left elbow. My hand specialist has said that he had never seen such a horrific hand accident and that in the beginning, he thought I would lose it. The boy was said by friends of the family to be 16, however the cop on scene reported him as 19. Its been nearly one month since my injury and I owe over 100,000 dollars in medical bills so far….and I’m not even close to stopping the spending streak. I have not been contacted by the cops and the insurance company for the semi claims that there driver remains at no fault of the incident, I’m 19 and have lost motor funtion of my left hand for my life, as well as my ability to play guitar, piano and saxophone. My father also recieved a fracture back bone as well. Will we get compensation? Is there a chance that I’m screwed for life and just have to suffer with it with no compensation? Please help…all knowledge and experiance is appriciated.

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