If you sued in a rear end collision recently – how much did you get and what were your injuries?

by admin on October 14, 2010

I am experencing pain in my lower right side, lower back, shoulder, neck. I had a bulging disk prior to the accident and feel like I’ve reaggrevated that as well. What could I possibly get as far as compensation from this claim?
went in an ambulance to hospital – back/neck injuries. Going to get xray and MRI next week. Just wondering what similar situations have to say. I’ve never sued anyone before.
Do – what if the person they hit has a spinal injury or serious back injury? I’ve never sued anyone in my life and I’m 42 and not to brag but I make pretty good money. This is what insurance is for and you are a moron if you were injured badly in a car accident and did not sue. The person who hit me was drunk.

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It's me! October 14, 2010 at 2:14 pm

My babysitter sued and she got $11,000.00. My co-worker was a juror on a case just like yours and the person was awarded $40,000.00. It depends on your injuries.

I have never ever sued anyone. I have been sued 🙁 But your doctors medical reports are gold! You may never go to court, but your insurance company, the Judge or any attorney are NOT doctors. So whatever the doctor says will fly for you.

Get a journal TODAY! Right down your limitations and even if you feel depressed about your injuries. For example. Today July 21st I woke up with sever pain in my neck. My back was so painful or so stiff I was unable to get out of bed. Do not lie! But right every single thing down and when you go to your doctor and for the x-ray and MRI’s your doctor can help list your pain and he or she will be able to measure your condition or injuries of how sever they are by YOUR STATEMENTS. Trust me. Do what I say, I worked in the government for 18 years and I always had my clients do this for their compensations. It really helps your case. Right every single pain you have. I bet you can’t even remember what you ate yesterday, so most definitely you wont remember your pain yesterday. You will be surprised how much worse you are then you think. Right everthing down for the doctors medical report. Research car accidents and neck and back injuries. You may be experiencing the same thing. Doctors are not GOD so they need to go by what you are telling them.

Karen October 14, 2010 at 2:14 pm

Good question for a lawyer. Hopefully you have been to the doctor or had a hospital visit immediately after the accident. With reports of your injuries.

do October 14, 2010 at 2:14 pm

Get a job you fat mess! How would you like it if you hit someone and then found out they were going online, seeking advice as to how much they could milk out of you?!?!?!? what if this person has a family to provide for? They hit you and should pay for the car damage, but don’t pretend you’re hurt you deadbeat. I hope the guy that hit you finds this question and prints it out and shows it to the judge. If you’re having financial issues, look for a job, not a handout! Is there any permanent damage? will this affect your pathetic existence in any way? Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to turn tricks for 10 cents a pop in the red light district. You’re sick. You’re exploiting the legal system and you should feel bad about yourself. Will green paper really make you feel better? Is that how we measure the worth of people now-a-days; by how much they can swindle out of one another? I really hope this guy counter-sues you when his lawyer realizes you’re bluffing.

Ginge Hi October 14, 2010 at 2:14 pm

if you rear ended someone then you will get nothing but if you got hit then anywhere from £0 to about £5000 i think
hope this info helps 🙂

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