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by admin on August 20, 2010

In Denver, for the accidents which occurred before 01 of July 2003 auto insurance will pay medical bills without regard to fault. But for the accidents that occur after 01 of July 2003, there may be such coverage depends on when the applicable policy or policies renewed. Before or after July 1, 2003, for the accidents you can get the med pay coverage if it is in your policy or in case if you have a health insurance. If there is no such med pay coverage, that can be recovered from the “at-fault” parties’ insurance company.

Failing to stop at stop sign or stoplight, exceeding the speed limit, drunk drive, driving while intoxicated are some of negligent behavior. The party with the negligent behavior is known as “At Fault Party”. Whether a traffic ticket is issued is not admissible as evidence in Colorado. Fault must be proven in other ways.

There are about 30% of the vehicles in Colorado highways are without any insurance to his or her vehicle. Even though, Colorado law states that the driving a vehicle without insurance is a crime. However, If a vehicle which is not insured is met with an accident, still make a claim uninsured motorist coverage that covers you. That particular uninsured motorist coverage can be through your own automobile insurance or that of a blood relative or spouse with whom you reside at the date of the accident or as a result of coverage on a car in which you were riding as a passenger. There are more complex things about legal. In this case, it is more advisable to seek help from Denver Injury Lawyer.

It is important to know about “Dram Shop” claim too. This is a claim brought against the seller of liquor who sells liquor to a minor, when the person consumes the alcohol and subsequently causes injuries to another. To get more ideas on this, it is better to get advice from Denver Injury Lawyer.

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