Industrial Injury Compensation Work Claim – What is it?

by allan46 on February 3, 2011

Thousands of people in the UK work in industries and are at constant threat to their vital body parts. For example, in heavy industries, the loud noises of the machines pose a threat to the hearing of the workers and not surprisingly, many of them lose their ability to hear clear and properly. Many have lost their sense of hearing too! This is indeed dangerous and until recently, there was no law and compensation claims to curb it.

A landmark bill had been passed that safeguarded the worker’s vital body parts and therefore an industrial injury compensation claim came into force. This not only helped the worker but kept industries on their toes so that they could not exploit the workforce that they had employed. The biggest risk comes from continuous exposure of asbestos and the health risk it carries is seriously frightening. Due to the increasing pressure from the people and the government, companies gradually started to provide compensation for this and now have an insurance policy, firmly in place.

The injuries that these workers suffer are mainly due to the negligence caused by the third parties; therefore, the suggestion and the demand that the compensation should also come from these people and not elsewhere. These have indeed made industries safer and follow better manual labour practices. But that hasn’t stopped injuries from taking place altogether.

The Flip Side

One should take care that industries are clever enough to insert many clauses in the personal injury claims. The worker bound under the bond should read the fine print and suitable appoint an expert solicitor who will take up the case and help him get the compensation. The personal injury claim is made to have your treatment bills and other loss of personal earnings compensated. Weak arguments work in favour of the company and you despite of being a victim of the industrial hazards might not get compensation at all.


Before claiming any loss, one must take into consideration the strength of proof and witness that he has. The more witnesses and proofs he has, the better is the case to tilt in his favour. You can claim the following damages due to exposure of the industrial environment:

•Loss of hearing
•Loss of eyesight
•Harm caused to the musculoskeletal system (disorders, if any)
•Harm caused by radiation exposure.
•Hazard due to asbestos. Disease known as asbestosis.
•Pneumonia, tuberculosis, Injury from silicon exposure.

You can claim compensation for the expenses in medical treatments, travelling and loss of personal income and wealth.  The main aim should be to get hold of an expert industrial injury specialist solicitor or a lawyer who can help you get the claim.

Industrial injury compensation work claims essentially require the help of expert solicitors in this are in order for a claim to be effective as they can be hard to prove and take patience and time. The Accident Claim Comapny can help you with any industrial injury claim compensation on a “No Win No Fee” basis. If you feel you may have been affected by industrial injury at work and want to take away the difficulty of finding the right solicitor for you claim then visit The Accident Claim Company’s website who have experts in this field that will help you get your claim started in the way that most benefits you. Our friendly helpful team are waiting to help you.
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