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by allan46 on October 23, 2011

Being the victim of an accident can be a stressful time for anyone, be it a road accident, work related accident or due to circumstances out with your control. Sustaining injury from such an accident will dramatically affect your life both emotionally, practically and financially. If you find yourself in such a position then you are well within your rights to make a personal injury claim.

This article looks at how you can prepare for your claim and how an injury calculator can help you calculate the amount of compensation you may be entitled to.

If you have been involved in an accident that has affected your normal day-to-day living in anyway, then you should seriously consider making a personal injury claim. There has always been a stigma attached to compensation claims, but thankfully in this day and age this is slowly decreasing.

When making a personal injury claim it is important to ensure that you have a solid case. This will involve sourcing all relevant evidence, such as, the other parties contact and insurance details, witness statements, medical bills, certificates of any medical treatment and ongoing therapy and any other details and information that will help strengthen your claim.


At this early stage it is a good idea to get a rough idea as to how much compensation you may be due. This can be done in many ways, but by far the quickest and easiest method is by using an injury calculator. Injury claims calculators can be found on most respectable law firm websites and can be used to identify the amount of compensation that can be expected for certain personal injuries. Personal injury calculators are by no means completely accurate and should only be used as a guide, but what they do supply, is an instant estimate of your compensation amount. It does this by taking into account a number of factors such as type of injury, loss of earnings, medical expenses and liability. Injury calculators can help one identify whether it is worth perusing a claim or not. It also helps to know this figure when talking to and negotiating a deal with a personal injury solicitor.

Injury calculators are widely available on most respectable solicitor’s websites and, best of all, they are free to use! Again it should be stressed that the figure given is only to be used as a guideline and will not be a completely accurate reflection of the over compensation you may receive. For a more accurate reflection you should contact a qualified personal injury solicitor. A solicitor will help you build your case and help you secure the compensation that you deserve.

When it comes to calculating the compensation for a personal injury, an injury calculator is a great piece of technology. Offering a quick and reasonably accurate figure, they can help those, who are often off put by the process of making a claim, pick up the telephone and take the first step towards getting their life’s back on track.
Debbie Fuller is a personal injury solicitor,in Scotland that specialises in road accident claims, work accident claims and personal injury accident claims. In her spare time she enjoys writing articles online in order to share her knowledge and experiences.
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