Making sure you have the perfect compensation claims lawyer to undertake your injury compensation claim is imperative

by allan46 on March 3, 2011

Finding the ideal accident compensation lawyer o help you in your accident compensation claim is very important. However, with a large number of people claiming to be injury compensation lawyers, what can you do to determine which injury compensation claim lawyer will actually be the correct one to help you win your claim?

Well not too hard, just address the questions below:

1. Is Your Accident Claims Solicitor Taking Any Charges From You?

If you and your accident claim solicitor are signing a Conditional Fee Agreement i.e. CFA you must ensure that the contract will include that accident compensation lawyer is going to claim all the due expenses and fees from the other side and not from the injury compensation you are given.

2. Make sure that the accident claims solicitor you use is qualified to work on your behalf to get you a successful result?

This may seem quite like a stupid question, but today most lawyers normally choose a specialist in special areas of the field. Because of this, you need to make sure your solicitors have sufficient experience in injury compensation claims prior to using them.

Keep in mind that if your preferred claim for compensation lawyer does not specialize in this specific side of the field then you can safely assume that on the whole they do not know what the up-to-date knowledge needed to win claims and which can end up costing you a load of cash. In addition, the part of the law that deals with accidents tends to be greatly specialized demanding precise medicinal terminology knowledge.

Again, if the injury lawyer is not up to speed, it could end up costing you! So remember, prior to committing to start working with an accident solicitor, confirm if-he-or-she-has modern familiarity in these services. You should ask if the solicitors firm has special representatives no win no fee claims set up. If you fail to determine this then, you should think about talking to another law practice that does.

3. Who Covers The Expenses?

Many compensation claims lawyers will most of the times try to include a part in the CFA that you become responsible for various out of pocket payments made. These can include any health treatment you accept at the suggestion of your accident claims solicitor, any other  jobs done by the practice workers, telephone and fax expenses, etc.

The accident claims solicitor should bear these expenses which just in case be re-claimed from your opponent. However be warned: the courts will give you the power to reclaim fair expenses and costs and only on the basis of you winning the compensation case.

4. What Are The Consequences If You Are Defeated?

Employing a solicitor can be high-priced so what should you do to protect yourself if you lose? You must get an answer to this from your accident compensation claim solicitor to find out whether they is able to take out an insurance for your claim  to reduce any payout risk in case your opponent wins the case.

Keep in mind that if you do lose it will not be your personal injury solicitor who will be looking to be reasonable for the different costs that have accrued to-date, but instead you! You will need to avoid being the victim of the same accident twice over, so do not end up being forced to listen to any conversations about how you cannot lose and make sure you are offered suitable cover should the unfeasible actually take place!

To instigate an Accident Claim on a No Win No Fee basis we can help for experienced and sensible advice.

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