Maritime Injuries

by admin on May 18, 2010

Working as a seaman is one of the most dangerous jobs a person can engage in. Those who work at sea are faced with dangers and risks most people do not encounter on a daily basis in their jobs. Due to the increased risks a seaman faces, and the unique environment that exists while working on any sort of ship, boat or vessel, there is a separate set of laws and regulations that cover injuries sustained while working at sea.

The Jones Act and General Maritime Law

Maritime injures are covered under the Jones Act or General Maritime law which are similar to the laws that protect workers injured on dry land. The Jones Act is unique in that it deals with situations that can only occur while working at sea.

Workers who suffer maritime injuries are entitled to protections and representation, but due to the specialized laws surrounding workers injured at sea, this is a complex process. An employer who has workers that are subject to maritime injuries is well-protected and represented by lawyers knowledgeable in all aspects of maritime law. It is important you have the same quality of legal representation if you are ever injured at sea.

The laws that govern maritime injury benefits are there to ensure workers receive adequate protection in the high risk environment than can cause serious injuries and even death. Crew members employed on the following vessels are covered under these laws:

• Drill ships
• Tug boats
• Floating cranes
• Cruise ships
• Fishing vessels
• Cargo ships
• Tankers
• Drilling rigs

Qualifying For Benefits under the Jones Act

To qualify for compensation under the Jones Act your injury must meet the following requirements:
• The injury must be sustained on a vessel
• The vessel must have been on a navigable waterway
• The injury must have been caused by the negligence of a fellow crew member or an “unseaworthy condition”

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