More Information About No Win No Fee Solicitors

by admin on November 9, 2010

More Information About No Win No Fee Solicitors

“No win no fee” offers from solicitors have been given a bad name due to dodgy television commercials and movies about exploitative American lawyers. But “No win no fee” is in fact a really great solution for a lot of people with a valid personal injury claim.

Firstly, you know that if a form of solicitors takes on your case, it is on the basis that they are confident of being successful. Otherwise they run the risk of spending hours and hours on unpaid work. It is a good form of security for your case.

Before agreeing to take on your case, a good solicitor will sit down with you and discuss the merits of your claim, listen to what you have been through and take you through the options. Make sure you get this initial consultation, many firms offer it for free.

Another advantage of “no win no fee” is that the model has opened up litigation and compensation to people who may not have been able to afford the legal process as legal fees can soon add up.

If you are choosing a solicitor for a personal injury claim, make sure that they give you a free initial consultation. Remember that they want your business as much as you want their help, so it should be a mutually beneficial opening conversation.

One downside of the “no win no fee” model is that there is a chance that your solicitor might not think you have solid grounds for making a legal claim for compensation. This means that they might not be willing to proceed on a “No win no fee” basis. It is entirely up to their discretion if they take the case on.

Remember to bear in mind that if you do lose your case, there may still be costs incurred in the form of covering the defendant’s legal fees. Make sure this has been made clear to you by your solicitor before agreeing anything with them.

It’s a really good idea to make sure that you are completely clear about all the costs, processes, risks and potential issues that could arise as you enter into making a claim – and any good solicitor will be able to talk you through all of these when you first meet with them.

When you turn up to your initial consultation, come prepared with a list of clear questions and make sure you feel that you get all the answers you need. Don’t walk away from the meeting still feeling unsure.

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