My husband fell at work, protocol was not followed, do we get a lawyer?

by admin on June 7, 2010

My husband fell 20 feet he has witnesses, he was working off the job site. He was taken into the office, the cut on his face cut and his company was notified. He was a little stiff, returned to his workplace an hour later. There was an emergency and they told him they would do a injury report in the morning. The next day he asked, he was told by his boss that it was all filled out and in his file, if there was a need to see a doctor , they would send it in.
1 week later he can not move
He informed his employer that he was going to the doctor , when he asked about workmans comp they said they did not have recollition of the accident.
He has since had two spinal surgeries including fusion and his health ins was cancelled. Now we have whopping medical bills.
So he called his employer and said I think I will have to get a lawyer. 2 weeks later we get a letter stating he was injured on 2/26, he was already out of work on that date. Does that letter of admission give us a case?
We got a letter from the comp carrier stating they were notifed of the injury and a general form letter from the state regarding workmans comp rights-we did not request this.

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