New book on whiplash injury released

by allan46 on January 26, 2011

Whiplash injury can be a stressful and isolating condition, as there are often no outward symptoms and it can be extremely hard to treat.

With many sufferers feeling like they have no one to turn to, going from doctor to doctor and still getting no relief, Dr Mark Frobb has decided to write a book which will help the average person understand their injury better.

Dr Frobb wrote the book, called ‘Surviving Whiplash: Saving Your Neck Without Losing Your Mind’, because he became concerned at the number of people he believed were affected by the illness and not receiving adequate treatment or advice.

“That’s probably greater than the incidence of diabetes in Canada so it’s a significant percentage of the population,” he said, adding that car accidents account for the bulk of whiplash injuries, although sporting injuries also account for a significant number of whiplash injuries.

Dr Frobb says that he wrote the book in an attempt to help sufferers to understand their injuries, the available therapies, the insurance industry and their rights when it comes to compensation, as recovery will largely depend on an individual’s ability to advocate on their own behalf.

Although there are many publications discussing whiplash injury, Dr Frobb was concerned that they were all too academic and not written for the typical whiplash patient.

“The whiplash victim is coming from a different perspective. For the most part, they’re in a significant amount of pain. They may be somewhat disoriented and foggy from the injury itself,” he said.

“They need sort of a Mother Goose version so they could sit down in an evening, as the book is designed to do, and by the time the evening is over, have a handle on how to deal effectively with their injury.”

“Therein lies the rub. You may experience the injury but you don’t have any visible damage to your vehicle which is quite likely pointed out to everyone around you including your insurance adjuster,” he said.

“The onus is on whiplash victims to be able to prove that they’ve been significantly damaged and that it’s affected their life.”

One of Dr Frobb’s patients was a famous Canadian baseball player, Corey Koskie, who was forced into retirement by a whiplash injury he sustained on the pitch.

“I love being out there, being with the guys, the whole competition,” he told Major League website shortly after making the call in early March to end his career.

“At some point you have to look at it realistically and say, ‘Is it really worth sacrificing the rest of your life for a game.”‘

Mr Koskie has struggled to find relief from his injury, going to numerous specialists and finding to his frustration that none of them were able to help him.

He has found it hard to get the message across to people that he is suffering from a serious disability as to the onlooker he has no signs that anything is amiss.

“If I wrote a book I’d call it, ‘If Only I Had A Cast,”‘ he once told The Canadian Press. “People think you’re fine.”

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