Ontario Medical Malpractice Law

by admin on June 28, 2010

Ontario Medical Malpractice Law

When we are unwell we place our trust and respect in the hands of our health care professionals. Most of the time our trust is well placed, however sometimes health care professionals make errors which cause us serious personal injury.

In Ontario, patients who suffer serious and permanent injuries can recover damages compensating them for all of their losses, including their pain and suffering, their past and future lost income, their extraordinary future health care and home maintenance costs, and their out of pocket expenses.

Time limits govern when you must notify the responsible parties that you intend to bring a claim and they govern when you must start your claim for compensation. These time limits can restrict your rights to recover your losses. Not everyone is entitled to claim compensation from the person who caused the accident. Each claim is different. Determining whether you have suffered an injury resulting from medical malpractice, identifying those responsible and assessing the value of your claim requires analysis by an experienced Toronto personal injury lawyer.

In Ontario, our courts award compensation for personal injury based on the principle of loss.

Those who suffer more significant losses recover more compensation. Future economic losses, such as those arising out of a loss of the ability to work or through the need for future health care and support generate the largest compensation awards.

Contact an experineced leading Toronto Personal Injury Law Firm and speak with a lawyer who will meet with you and asses your case. They will help you understand the value of your losses and how best to recover the compensation you deserve.

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