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by admin on July 19, 2010

People are injured by others on a regular basis, and when this occurs those who have been harmed need legal help from experienced Sacramento personal injury attorneys. There are many reasons for this need, and below you’ll find a brief overview of how help from Sacramento personal injury lawyers can make all the difference when it comes to not only your legal rights, but also to your recovery.

The Critical Decision

Many people who are injured are not sure whether or not they would even have a valid claim in a California personal injury lawsuit. There are many technicalities and particularities that must be understood and accurately analyzed before anyone can responsibly make any decision regarding whether or not to pursue a legal action, and those who do not have a legal background need the help of Sacramento personal injury attorneys to make sure their decision is correct.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Aside from the decision regarding whether or not to file a lawsuit, those who have been injured often find themselves dealing with insurance companies. Insurance adjusters from both the injured person’s policy carrier and the other party’s coverage could be in touch to seek statements and evidence before putting together a settlement offer. Unfortunately, many people who do not have the help of Sacramento personal injury lawyers can slip up by offering statements they should not or making some other mistake that can harm their claim.

Dealing with Settlement Negotiations

If a California personal injury lawsuit is filed, it’s common for both parties to at least explore the possibility of negotiating a settlement. Settlement negotiations are highly strategic and involve a high level of legal knowledge.  In addition, settlement negotiations are almost always done across the table from experienced and skilled defense attorneys. Sacramento personal injury attorneys can handle this process skillfully and help the client decide if a settlement offer is fair.

Handling the Trial

If settlement negotiations are not going well, it’s possible that a matter will need to proceed to trial.  At this point, the help of Sacramento personal injury lawyers are invaluable. Preparing for trial is as much a part of the proceeding as arguing at the trial, and trials of any sort can turn on one piece of evidence or one aspect of witness testimony. No one who does not have a legal background should attempt to handle a trial alone.

Overall, if you or someone you love has been harmed by someone else, you need to take every step possible to protect your legal rights. You can do so by contacting the Sacramento personal injury attorneys at Demas & Rosenthal today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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