Road Traffic Accidents In The UK

by admin on September 28, 2010

According to UK law, all vehicles making use of public roads should have insurance to provide protection against any kind of road traffic accidents that might happen.

In the unfortunate event when you are involved in a road traffic accident, it is very important to ensure that you obtain as much as possible personal and insurance particulars from all parties involved on the scene of the accident. When you claim for personal injury as a result of a road traffic accident in the UK, it is likely that the claim will be for the account of the third party’s insurance.  

There are some situations with road traffic accidents that there are no insurance company to claim any compensation. This is common in instances where the other party just drive away such as with “hit and run” road traffic accidents. Other situations may involve instances where the other driver does not have any form of insurance, road traffic accidents caused by children, pedestrians, animals or road traffic accidents caused by poor, dangerous or damaged road surfaces.

Many people do not claim for road traffic accident injuries because they are not familiar with the process and do not know where to start at all. When you decide to claim for injuries pertaining to road traffic accidents, you can make use of one of a large number of law firms or claim companies. Unfortunately not all of them are well reputed and you should be aware of some important features their service should include before making your choice.

1.    Success Ratio
It is very important to investigate the reputation of the company you intend to appoint to handle your claim. Companies with prominent solicitors that are well practised in road traffic accidents claims, usually pride themselves with a high success ratio. This is the first sign of your claim being in professional hands.

2.    Fees Charged
Once you are requested to make upfront payments for handling your claim, you should continue your search. Reputable companies normally work on a “no win no fee” basis. This means that in the event that your road traffic accident claim is unsuccessful, there will be no charges for your account.

3.    100% Compensation
When you are offered 100% compensation it means that you still will not be charged for any cost and that the full amount for your road traffic accident claim will be paid in full to you.

There are some vital things to remember when you are involved in a road traffic accident to help you secure a successful claim.

    You will need to provide evidence that the alternative party was responsible for the road traffic accident. Take notes and obtain as much possible evidence right there on the scene especially of any eye witnesses you can find on the scene of accident.

    If at all possible, use your cell phone to take some pictures of the scene and pay close attention to the positioning of the vehicles and marks on the road that was caused during or as a result of the accident.

    When any person fled the scene, do not have a driver’s license, are injured or seems to be intoxicated, you need to call the police immediately.

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