Steps to File Motor Accident Claims

by admin on July 14, 2010

Since road accidents are common in UK, most claimants believe that filing motor accident claims is very easy. The truth is that most claims are rejected due to simple mistakes made during the process hence claimants should opt for help before filing motor accident claims. This article will act as your guide and help you understand the right way to file road accident claims.

Step #1 – Soon after the road traffic accident occurs, the claimant should call for the services of an ambulance if he or the other party has been hurt. Since road accidents can cause serious injuries it is always better to call an ambulance immediately rather than first waiting to finish the formalities at the scene of the accident. If the claimant has suffered minor injuries then he can visit a general practitioner later on in the day, but claimants should remember that even minor injuries should be checked as claimants are eligible to file motor accident claims only if they have suffered a personal injury.

Step #2 – After the injuries have been checked the claimant should contact the local law enforcement authorities to get a police report that states that the accident occurred. Since this report is required by the law to file motor accident claims, the claimant should not skip this step for any reason.

Step #3 – While at the scene of the accident, the claimant should search for a witness who is ready to testify in court if needed. If the road traffic accident occurred on a busy street then the claimant can ask a passerby to be a witness and if the accident occurred in a parking spot then the claimant can ask a security guard to be a witness. Claimants must remember that it is crucial to find a witness who has seen the entire accident since the witness will be asked a series of questions that will determine the authenticity of the situation.

Step #4- The most important step is to file the vehicle accident claim. Claimants are always advised to opt for legal services while filing vehicle accident claims since most claimants are unable to prove by themselves that the accident occurred due to the other person’s fault. The selected personal injury solicitor will ask the claimant to collect proof like hospital bills, receipts, medical discharge papers and the solicitor will also prep the witness if needed. The personal injury solicitor will also ensure that the claimant does not make any mistakes during the process of getting compensation. Since most personal injury lawyers in the United Kingdom offer no win no fee services, claimants do not have to fear that they will have to pay the lawyer for his services.

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If you have been injured in a road accident due to no fault of your own then you should consider hiring a solicitor to help you file motor accident claims.
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