Treatments for Whiplash Injuries

by allan46 on June 9, 2011

Auto accidents are the primary reason for the majority of chronic neck and spinal pain. There is an average of six million auto accidents every year, resulting in nearly three million injuries. The majority of these injuries result from whiplash. Of the three million injuries annually, one million of these victims develop long term chronic pain.

Whiplash is a common occurrence in an auto accident, even from low impact crashes of speeds of five miles per hour or less. Any time the head is thrown beyond its normal range of motion, severe consequences can occur. The most severe cases of whiplash are a result of rear end crashes because the neck and heads of individuals in the car being struck are suddenly snapped backward then forward upon impact.

This violent form of whiplash to the neck is often referred to as cervical acceleration/deceleration (CAD) trauma or syndrome. The rapid movements can severely injure the vertebrae of the neck, along with the ligaments and muscles that support these vertebrae. Neck pain is the number one symptom, acute and chronic, associated with whiplash. Back pain, and dizziness are also common symptoms. Very severe cases of whiplash can cause brain bruising, which can lead to blurry vision, ringing in the ears, numbness or tingling in the body, or nausea.

While these symptoms and injuries can be bad enough, of greater concern are the injuries that go unnoticed, possibly for years, following the accident. Auto accidents can create areas of spinal misalignments or aggravate other spinal conditions. These misalignments, known as veterbral subluxations, can cause the nervous system to become irritated in the area of the cervical spine. This can put stress on the spinal cord and cervical region. More than ninety percent of the nerve system is considered to be “non-conscious”, and damage to it cannot be felt in the form of symptoms until many years of accumulated alternated nerve system function has taken place. This is one of the major reasons that it is extremely important to seek chiropractic attention immediately.

Chiropractic care can do wonders to relieve the immediate pain of your injuries, prevent long term pain from forming, as well as to help restore the normal function of the body following an auto accident. The field of chiropractic has been scientifically proven to be the most effective treatment option for patients following an auto accident. Different chiropractic techniques coupled with daily lifestyle changes, and other treatment options such as massage therapy or physiotherapy can put you on the fast track to a full recovery, and a pain free life.

In looking for a chiropractor to help you with a whiplash injury make sure they involve active therapy into their treatment programs and that they take x-rays in their initial exam, including cervical flexion and extension x-rays to check for ligament damage that frequently occurs with whiplash injuries. One highly recommend chiropractic technique for correcting whiplash related injuries is Pettibon. Pettibon practitioners are specially trained at treating cervical spine injuries.


Fort Collins Chiropractor, Dr. Chris Gubbels is Fort Collins only Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner and specializes in spinal corrective care and helping his patients live a comprehensive wellness lifestyle.Dr. Chris moved to Fort Collins in 2008 to open his wellness center Square ONE.  He has undergraduate degrees in exercise science and biology which has helped form his wellness foundation.  His extensive training and wellness expertise has shaped his patient care approach and has enabled him to help his patients create life long wellness changes.  Dr. Chris Gubbels is one of fewChiropractors in the Fort Collins area that practices spine corrective care that gets patients actively involved in their care and teaches them what they need to do on a daily basis to physically take care of their spine and body.”Our goal is to help our patients correct the underlying cause of their problems and to teach them how to get and stay well for their entire life.” Dr. ChrisDr. Chris has spoken to dozens of business, organizations, schools, etc. throughout Colorado and the Midwest.  He regularly participates at health fairs, provides health screens and lectures for Fort Collins and Northern Colorado organizations.When out of the office you will likely find Dr. Chris spending time in the wilderness, working out or reading.  Dr. Chris regularly competes in CrossFit competitions and various other outdoors sports. 
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