Wal-Mart Accident: Falling Shelves

by admin on June 13, 2010



I was in Walmart when one of thier metal shelves fell on my foot. (A worker was rearranging a disply, had the shelves propped up on something then decided to go on thier break)There was no help in site so I yelled a little and an Ast. Mgr come over, as I explained what happened she called for security and the store manager. Twenty minutes after the accident I finally get paperwork to fill out. No “Im sorry are you okay”‘s not even a chair to sit in while i filled out the paper work or one of those go cart looking shopping carts so I wouldnt have to hoble out of the store…no apologies no concerns, but what i did get was “if you decide to seak medical attention please call us first”. I took pictures with my camera phone of the metal shelf and my foot. So my question is that since ther equipment was on the floor isnt it thier responsibility to be aware of dangerous situations?? What should I do?




Robin, it depends on whether you were injured as a result of the falling shelf. If you were injured, you can pursue a claim. If you were not injured, there is not much you can do other than chalk it up to a bad experience.


If you were injured, you should speak to an experienced injury accident lawyer as soon as you can. The attorney will know how best to proceed with your claim. Make sure you save the picture – that is critical evidence if you are going to make a claim.

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