What do I do if a personal injury claim has been filed against me?

by admin on December 12, 2010

Back in January 2010, I was in a car accident that totalled two cars and including mine and the other driver (now the plaintiff) suffered two fractures. I had full coverage insurance through USAA and my policy states that they will cover 0,000 per person and 0,000 per accident. There was only one person in the other vehicle so there is no issue there. My insurance gave me enough money to pay off the car I had and I bought a new one. She received a new car and money to pay off her old car as well as her medical expenses for the injury. Today (11/10/2010), I received a letter from my insurance company that she is wanting 0,000 exceeding the maximum covered per person by ,000. The letter stated that they would hire me an attourney or that I could hire my own one. Should I go with a lawyer provided by USAA or hire my own? What are my rights? How can my insurance company and I investigate this? Does she even stand a chance against this situation if she has already accepted a compensation before filing this claim? How do I find out if she is just "milking" more money from the insurance company or if it is being used for medical bills? And finally, does my insurance company and I have the right to review all related medical charts or not proving if the money is needed for medical treatment?
Also, this accident happened in Tennessee. This, I would assume, would be helpful in your answer. Thankyou!

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