What is the legal mail time limitations after document submission for Government/Texas?

by admin on July 2, 2010

When a DWC Form-41 WORKER’S OR BENIFICIARY’S NOTICE OF INJURY OR OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE AND CLAIM FOR COMPENSATION is timely filed to the Texas Department of Insurance -Division of Workers Compensation, What is the statutory limitation, as in turn around time, to timely notify the injured worker, "Carrier", Employer, (Medical) Doctors/Treatment Facilities & interested Party[s]?
A “Carrier” is the Texas-required employer’s insurance company to cover on the job injuries. The TDI-DWC is there to process & record the claim & also to help you focus on prompt medical treatment & get a worker back to work. The TDI-DWC OMBUDSMAN(s) are representatives available to assist you in resolving dispute[s] as is the OFFICE OF INJURED EMPLOYEE COUNSEL (Neither are Divisions or Departments of TDI or TDI-DWC).
Please state the law on response time; e.g. TDI-DWC receives a claim, mails notification to parties…How long to get it in the mail & what proof would TDI-DWC have if they mailed it?

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marvin.wagan@sbcglobal.net July 2, 2010 at 7:19 pm

3 -5 days

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