What legal violation is it when attorneys ban together in an area and control workman comp outcomes?

by admin on September 17, 2010

I just found out that my attorney workes with all the other ones in the community and is friends with the one that represents my case.
I called others in the area and was told they all cover for each other.
I also was told by a nurse case manager that there is a pattern which I fit.
My attorney told me to settle my case as a 15 03 and agree to 2/3rds of what my real salary was and to a lesser injury and I will recieve compensation for the difference of my old salary at 2/3rds. He insisted I agree, and to end the matter I did so.
A year ago the comp attorney claimed I did not submit my W2 on time and opened the case to demand I pay everything back ,000.
The comp board sent a letter stating it was recieved in Feb which was very much on time.
In the mean time I also had seen at the ER with arm pain (my original injury), but they insisted I be worked up for my heart, it was negative and they discharged me, and would not treat my arm pain. The other attorney who is friends with my attorney has decided I have a new heart condition and they means my arm is no longer the reason I cannot return to my old job.
My attorney told me to get an evaluation and just pay 00. for it, I didn’t have the money and put it on a credit card. He then told me it doesn’t matter because another Dr said it is my heart. No medical records say it is my heart, but now my attorney and his friend (the comp attorney) want me to pay for an unrelated test. I just realized they donl’t have a clue what they tell me to get, they just tell me to do random things. I can’t get another attorney, because when I called other offices, they all state my attorney is the best and they cover for him when he is out of town.
It sounds like the cases are fixed, and originally agreed to pay, which creates records that comp helps many people, but then they have to repay the funds, which is not reported to tax payers, which means the tax money meant for workman’s comp is mostly being used for adminstrative fees.
Even if I am wrong about the reason, I do know that I cannot get a fair hearing in this rural community.
Can anyone tell me what laws are being violated by these attorney’s?
Idontknow, actually I am finding that the excuse "you’re not happy with what you’re being told," seems like a common cop out when medical and legal staff are questioned.
I’m the case manager of 3 cases that the above scenario is similar in all three of these particular cases.
Also I recieved a letter from the one attorney who instructs clients to demand medical tests that are inappropriate and only muddy the case. I feel like the attorney is more protective of the oppsing attorney than his clients. When I caught her distorting facts, the client’s attorney yelled at me demanding the other attorney is the most compassionate person he has ever known, and claimed I don’t understand.

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IDONTKNOW September 17, 2010 at 11:47 pm

None. In worker’s compensation, and in fact many specialized areas, the attorneys frequently know each other and are friends. This violates no laws. In fact, it would be strange if all attorneys hated each other and it would be counter-productive. You are simply unhappy with the process or the result. That’s life.

If you are still sure that these attorneys are acting improperly. With your attorney, it would be called malpractice & an ethical violation. With the other attorney, it would be an ethical violation. Ethical violations are reported to the state bar association. Malpractice is a tort cause of action and requires you to file a lawsuit.

In any event, it sounds like you have no basis for your complaint. Again, its no shock that attorneys and judges who work together on a daily basis know each other!!

Hrēodbēorð September 17, 2010 at 11:47 pm

It’s very complicated, but first of all it sounds as if your attoney-client privilege was broken. Go to the state bar website and file charges against your attorney.

I’m very good at legal research. If you want to email me your lawyer’s name and state I can find out if he’s ever been disciplined before.

You take the blue pill Jackhole! September 17, 2010 at 11:47 pm

If you are in Texas you are screwed. They do back door deals in open court and think no one is listening. Sometimes defense attorneys are attorney generals or other funny stuff. I guess those guys did not read article 40 of the Magna Carta

One of the most important clauses that was to have the long lasting effect was Article 39:

No free man shall be arrested, or imprisoned, or deprived of his property, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any way destroyed, nor shall we go against him or send against him, unless by legal judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land.
This meant the King must judge individuals according to the law, and not according to his own will.

Equally important was Article 40:

To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay, right or justice.

All Lawyers are working for the British anyway…

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