Whiplash Injuries Due to Car Crashes

by allan46 on December 22, 2010

Whiplash injury is caused due to road traffic accidents. The injury occurs when the head is suddenly jerked either backwards or sideways and a reflect contraction takes place in the opposite direction. This injury affects the bones, discs, nerves, muscles tendons or the neck. There is swelling as well as inflammation that is caused due to the rapid movement of the vehicle.

A rear-end car accident more often than not results in whiplash injuries. This is because in such an accident there is an abrupt increase in the speed of the car wherein the head suddenly snaps backwards and then forwards. Head-on car accidents also cause whiplash injuries, except that in this case the whiplash process gets reversed. The head of the driver will be first thrown forwards and then backwards. Side-on accidents cause whiplash injuries too.

While whiplash is more commonly the result of motorcycle accidents, the injury can be sustained due to fall from horses or bicycles as well. Whenever there is a sudden change in the velocity of a vehicle and there is no protection for the neck, there is the possibility of a whiplash injury.

Whiplash symptoms may happen immediately after the accident or may show at a later date, when there is pain and stiffness in the muscles. Some of the physical symptoms of the whiplash include pain in the back, neck, jaw, arms or shoulders; dizziness; nausea; blurred vision and difficulty in swallowing. The physiological symptoms include memory loss, impairment of concentration, irritability, nervousness, tiredness, sleep disturbances, and depression.

For most of the people who are victims of whiplash injuries the symptoms do not last for more than six months. However in severe cases it might last for several years. There are also cases when whiplash causes permanent injuries. The diagnosis of the injury happens through careful examination of the head and the neck, X-Rays and the use of medical imaging. Taking into account the severity of the whiplash the doctor may recommend painkillers or light exercises.

There is little that can be done as a way of preventing these injuries. A properly adjusted and well placed head restraint might help you prevent a whiplash injury. Studies have shown that most of the people do not adjust their head restraints properly. Having a head restraint in place can many a times thwart the risk of a whiplash.

If it is that you have suffered from whiplash injuries caused by an accident that was not your fault, you will be entitled to make a compensation claim. You may contact a personal injury solicitor who will discuss your whiplash claims and help you through the process of making a claim. Most of the solicitors take these claims on a no win no fees basis. It means that if your claims are not successful, you will not be required to pay any fees to your solicitors. With a solicitor you will be able to take the right steps in handling your whiplash injury claims in an efficient and fair manner.

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