Whiplash Injuries – What You Need To Know

by allan46 on January 19, 2011

In any accident, some responsibility is always attributed to the person causing the accident. The same holds true for most road accidents. In this light it is important to know the ways of getting your whiplash compensation for the whiplash injuries caused as a result of the accident.

A whiplash injury is a late reaction injury. The injury does not come to the fore or the symptoms do not manifest themselves until much later. The whiplash injuries are normally felt the morning after and can take the form of:

• Headache – mostly all over the head with pain points in the back of the head, the forehead or behind the eyes

• Neck pain

• Both headache and neck pain – headache would likely be more painful and short-lived than the neck pain. The neck pain may likely develop into Osteoarthritis in future.

Due to the time taking nature of the symptoms to manifest themselves, a whiplash injury compensation claim would not be easy to fight, since the causation proof becomes difficult to establish. The following guidelines could pave your way to an easier whiplash compensation claim.

1. Take careful and detailed notes of the accident as soon as you can get hold of a pen and some paper. The details should include the period prior to the accident to until after the accident. The following details would be necessary.

a. Place of the accident.
b. Weather conditions – raining, sunny, slippery, mushy etc.
c. Exact time of the accident.
d. Witnesses – names and addresses.
e. Conversations between you and other people.
f. Names and ranks of police officers if present.

Try to photograph the place, the extent of damage to the vehicles involved in the accident, witnesses and road surface, if you have a camera at hand.

2. Have a medical examination done as soon as possible. This is important even though you do not feel any symptoms of illness or unease. The more you delay the more chances that your whiplash injuries have been caused by some other causes than the accident itself (or so the person who caused the accident may argue). The delay may also give a chance to the person who caused the accident to argue that no medical attention was given on time to mitigate the injuries. Always get the doctor to give you a complete report of injuries which may include the possibility of a whiplash injury.

Whiplash injuries can be permanent and fatal. If a whiplash injury manifests itself into Osteoarthritis, leading a normal life from thereon would be a difficult proposition. If you have decided to claim compensation for a whiplash injury, it is recommended to contact an expert solicitor to help you claim rightful damages and compensation in addition to receiving valuable treatment or physiotherapy at no cost, depending on the coverage.

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