Whiplash Injury And Making Compensation Claims

by allan46 on June 10, 2011

One of the most common reasons for an accident compensation claim in the UK is whiplash.

This is the name given for neck sprains, caused by the neck or back being thrown forwards or backwards at rapid speed. This can cause the fibres of the neck muscles to tear, resulting in pain and often reducing movement.

Although whiplash is normally an injury suffered by motorists, other claimants of accidents caused on horses, bicycles have also known to suffer with it.

Symptoms of this injury include pain and aching to the neck and back, plus referred pain to the shoulders and pins and sensory disturbance – including pins and needles – to the arms, hands, legs and head. These are sometimes noticed immediately after an accident or sometimes are not felt until a few days later. In more serious cases the symptoms have escalated to include amnesia, tinnitus and depression.

If you are in any doubt whether or not you are suffering from whiplash a trained doctor should be able to provide a reliable diagnosis. Not only can your GP recommend the best form of treatment for you but a medical report will also be very useful for any subsequent compensation claim.

The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre in the UK – more commonly known as Thatcham – statistics show that 250,000 motorists are injured annually and unfortunately 25,000 of these suffer a permanant disability. Stunningly 125,000 people in cars were injured due to a result of their headrests being put in the wrong position.

Due to the unpredictable nature of recovery from whiplash, it is very important to get independent legal advice to see if you’re eligible to make a whiplash injury claim. It is advisable that you get in touch with a specialist compensation claims lawyer who will arrange an independent medical diagnosis of your injuries and likely recovery. Your whiplash claim can then be properly evaluated and fair compensation can be rewarded. You may find that some insurers will contact claimants immediately make a quick settlement for whiplash, however this is not always the best option and you should always seek advice from a lawyer.

Specialist personal injury solicitors treat clients according to their individual needs. They have the necessary medical knowledge to get the right people working on your case with the final goal of getting you the appropriate amount of injury compensation for what you have suffered. They have the experience of having already helped hundreds of previous clients with accident compensation claims and will use that to your benefit.

For specialist advice on compensation claims, contact Bonallack & Bishop, accident compensation solicitors experienced in horse accident claim cases. Tim Bishop is senior partner at the firm, responsible for all major strategic decisions.
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