Whiplash Injury Compensation

by allan46 on January 31, 2011


  It damages those muscles in your neck and shoulder area as well as the tendons and ligaments.  A single whiplash injury can result in lost time at work, major financial burdens and of course, the physical pain that results.  Even years after the whiplash accident, pain and discomfort can still exist and can seriously affect your quality of life.

Whiplash injury compensation is important in that it can play a significant role in how your injury affects your family and your ability to maintain your financial responsibilities.  Even the mildest whiplash injury can result in lost time at work and medical expenses.  Neck injuries of this nature are unpredictable and often those who suffer the injuries don’t realize damage has been done until hours and sometimes days after the accident.  Consulting a lawyer is your best first option for protecting your family and ensuring proper compensation is made. 

As you prepare for your initial meeting, you’ll want to make sure you have as many details as possible regarding the accident, including the date, time of day and any information you have access to regarding other parties that might have been involved.  Pictures that are taken immediately following an automobile accident are often advantageous as are any witness statements collected by police.  If you were taken to the hospital or any medical care facility, you’ll want to gather that information as well, including the physician who treated you, the diagnosis, any prescriptions that were written and doctor’s notes, advice extended to you and any other relevant information.  From there, your lawyer will be in a better position to offer the best legal avenues available to you, what your options are and how he can help as you pursue whiplash injury compensation.

Your attorney should be sympathetic to your situation, honest in any options he believes are available and sensitive to the time element involved.  After all, not many of us can afford extended absences from our employment with no compensation.  He should be willing to patiently address any concerns you might have as well as answer any of your questions.  It’s the only sure way to develop the attorney client relationship that will serve as the foundation in your legal claim.  Choosing the right legal representation is as important as choosing the right medical care provider in whiplash injury claims. 

Finally, your most important task in the days following a whiplash or any other neck injury is to follow your doctor’s advice.  Take any medication prescribed, follow up with appointments or meetings with physical therapists if that was encouraged and if possible, document your progress on a daily basis.  This might serve as an excellent resource for your attorney as he moves forward in an effort to protect you and gain reasonable whiplash injury compensation.

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