Whiplash Injury Options

by allan46 on January 5, 2011

If you have a whiplash injury you probably know the pain that it can cause. A whiplash injury happens when your head or neck is quickly whipped around from a high velocity car crash and such an injury can be debilitating resulting in symptoms that range all over the board, from pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders to dizziness and nausea and difficulty concentrating. A whiplash injury is a serious one and many people who have sustained them want to collect compensation from the insurance company or other parties to partially make up for the suffering.

If you are suffering from this type of injury you may be able to collect compensation. Most of the time, insurance companies will compensate you for medical treatments and car repairs but there are times when the insurance company refuses to pay, or pays a lesser amount than what you actually deserve. Also, some drivers are uninsured or under insured which can make collecting from their insurance company difficult or impossible. Luckily, the law has provisions for compensating those in an accident as the result of the carelessness of another.

A whiplash injury may take months or years to recover from, and in some cases, you may not ever recover from it. This is exactly the sort of situation that a monetary settlement was intended, and although it may not make up for the pain that you are experiencing or the other symptoms that you have to deal with as a result of your car accident injury, being compensated can help to alleviate the financial strain from medical bills and recovery costs, and loss of job or loss or work hours as a result of the accident, not to mention the costs of repairing your vehicle.

As for how much a claim for a whiplash injury is worth, that is a difficult question to answer because each person’s situation is different and each jury or company offering a settlement amount is different. The settlement amount for a whiplash injury can range from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand, depending upon how debilitating the injury is, and how much your life is negatively affected from having sustained such an injury. Your lawyer will be able to advise you much better on how much you could collect for a whiplash injury claim.

If you are thinking about filing a claim for an injury like whiplash or any type of car accident injury you’ll need an attorney with experience in the field of car accident law. California attorney Emery Ledger with Ledger & Associates has many years of experience dealing with car accident claims and personal injury cases. You’ll want an experienced whiplash injury attorney on your side if you are looking to collect from an insurance company or other party to compensate you for a whiplash or other type of auto accident injury.

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