Work Accident and Accident at Work Claims

by admin on June 2, 2010

Work Accident – Common Injuries in the Workplace which result in compensation claims When you have a work accident and your employer is at fault or responsible, you may be entitled to make a work accident compensation claim where the legal fees are paid by your employers insurance company. Every business with employees must have insurance by law to cover situations where an employee may be hurt or injured at work. Its reasonable to expect that accidents will happen at work, so thats why insurance is compulsory for every business in the UK. Common work accidents include slipping on wet floors or tripping on uneven surfaces. Much more common though are injuries which are caused by lifting heavy items that result in minor to serious back injuries, such as slipped discs. Workers in trades and construction are frequently exposed to falling from heights, because of unsafe working practices that cause serious injuries, including fractures, heavy bruising, torn muscles and muscle pain. Sometimes work accidents occur due to poor management and not having proper procedures in place to prevent situations, such as cables that are left on floors which cause you to trip and injure yourself. If you work with machinery, there is increased risk of danger due to moving parts and objects, for example if you’re not supplied with protective eyewear, you might damage your eyesight if something gets into your eye. When you have a work accident, it may seem trivial at first, but if the injuries

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