Workers compensation???????

by admin on August 26, 2010

Hopefully someone can assist me with what I could do to get better medical care. I have a workers comp claim that has been open come this August which will be 2 yrs. I have been to numerous doctors who has given me numerous diagnosis from fibromyalgia, sprain/strain back, neuropathy, pinched nerves, thoracic outlet sydrome and it keeps going. My injury are to my upper back, neck and right arms. I worked a job for 7 years doing repetitive computer work in an unergonomic situation. I haven’t been able to get any real treatment other than a pain management dr. who every 2 weeks want to prescribe drugs with all kind of side effects.

So far none of the meds i have tried for pain and muscle spasm has worked. I can not sit for periods of time without being in escutiating pain. I did get some sort of relief thur chiropractice service but workers comp will not approve any other. I have not been consider strationary/permanent yet by the QME provider. Workers comp has never paid for an mri they went off an mri i paid for a week prior to be filing a claim and because that was normal i guess they feel they need not pay for one.

Is there any way or having medical care paid under my private insurance when i have a workers comp case open when the injuries are related?

Any advice that would steer me in the right direction of getting some sort of medical care and to have someone to find out exactly what is wrong with me to someone alleviate some of my pain so that i can be more active?

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tricka_420 August 26, 2010 at 9:27 am

I do not believe your insurance will. You can call them and ask. I would get a comp lawyer and discuss it with them. Usually they do not charge anything unless you win something. Google it. Type in workers comp and see what you can come up with. I can tell you that if you think you have a suit… DO NOT let it go over 24 months without a lawyer. SO YOU SHOULD GET ONE REALLY SOON!!! I had this same problem and because it was over 2 years, BOOM I had no claim. I wish you lots of luck and I would ask for referals to more doctors and find out what it is soon. My mom has fibromialgia and found out way late in life. She is sadly now in a wheel chair for LIFE on disability at 42. I wish you sooooo much luck sweety!!!

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