Workers Compensation, How does this really work?

by admin on July 14, 2010

I have been going to the doctor with a injury to my wrist. They sent me to one doctor whom referred me to an specialist after a few weeks. I seen the specialist whom says its a cyst on my wrist that needs to come off. Today I seen the doctor that I first seen whom referred me to the specialist and two other guys why would he be on my job? I am a little worried I have never had to file a claim before is this routine. I am on light duty right now and my employeer really needs me back on my job could that be the reason. They were only out there looking at my job for a brief period and they went into a meeting. Why would this be. I am waiting on approval from the specialist to have the cyst removed what could be going on.
They sent me to one doctor for like two weeks and he did the x-ray and said they were fine. However the specialist says I have a ganglion cyst and want to do a nerve study also. The work I do is a repetitive motion on the rest for eight hours in a day. We have two more other ladies in there working now ready to file claims for cyst on their arms also. One lady has had both hands operated on for carpal tunnel since Dec 2006.

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Heather J July 14, 2010 at 11:47 pm

Worker’s Comp is tricky. They have to investigate to determine to the best of their ability whether or not your injury was work-related. They may be investigating whether or not carpal tunnel may be involved or maybe they just needed to see exactly what it is you do. After you file a Worker’s Comp claim, the claim adjustor looks for red flags that may indicate a false claim. If red flags are found, your case may be referred for investigation (for example, a private investigator may be assigned to the case to observe your daily activities in order to determine the legitimacy of the injury) It doesn’t sound like you will have to worry about this though. I think your best bet would be to talk to your doctor about it. Was it HIS idea for you to file Worker’s Comp? Or is this really a job-related injury?

tazbadass July 14, 2010 at 11:47 pm

workers comp has to do with an injury work related, they have to make sure that is the case..for examle if you walked on a wet floor at work, fell and broke your arm that would be an obvious case of workers comp. stupid insurance laws make them have to do these things so the can file the proper paper work, just be sure if you do end up having to file a comp. claim to keep track of all your car mileage to and from dr. visits relating to your injury..ins. is supposed to re-imburse you for your gas, etc. if you have a human resource worker at work go talk to them..if not ask your boss straight out whats going on, you have a right to know, its your job and your health

patti p July 14, 2010 at 11:47 pm

from what i am understanding, the insurance adjusters are there at your job to see if what you were doing is really what caused your cyst. not always do the adjusters view the work area but they can. if the doctor has stated to you that the injury came from the type of work you do, then you should be approved for the surgury. If the doctor says that the job could not have given you the cyst and you think that it did, then I would consult a lawyer because workmans comp will more than likely not pay.

good luck

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