Workers insurance/workmans compensation injury question?

by admin on May 27, 2010

I was hurt at work and been off of work for 4 months now due to a head injury which has resulted in headaches and ST memory problems. most of the tests have come back ok, now the psychologist wants to try psych meds and psych treatments? Problem is i am studying with scientology and it strictly prohibits any form of psych treatment. Will this pose a problem with the insurance claim? Can they terminate my case or will they have to honor my religions guidelines against this treatment?

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Sister727 May 27, 2010 at 3:48 pm

I’m sorry. I have no legal knowledge regarding your question. Just out of curiosity though, wouldn’t you want to at least try whatever the doctor’s have in mind in order to get well? Especially if this has been going on for 4 months. You say you’re studying scientology. Scientology boasts that its technology has the power to heal all ills. Yet in 4 months they obviously haven’t been able to cure you. Why put your faith into something (C.O.S.) such as a "church" who says it can cure you, but hasn’t instead of medicine, where head injuries are healed on a much more proven basis.

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