You've Had A Car Accident in Austin And Need A Car Accident Lawyer What Do You Do Next?

by admin on October 4, 2010

It is a stressful time when you have a motor accident, especially when you are injured.  You are going to need a personal injuries claim which is a complex legal procedure.  Your Austin, Texas car accident lawyer and injury attorney can ensure that you receive the best possible pay-out for all of your injuries and medical bills.

There are a few things that you must and must not do in order to ensure that you have the strongest possible personal injuries case. 

Looking at the accident first:

Do not give or sign any recorded or unrecorded statements about the accident to anyone, especially the other parties within the accident.
Do not under any circumstances admit fault or make any statements that can be later construed as you making an admission of fault.  Accidents are extremely stressful and scary but this is a very important requirement.
If at all possible take, or ask one of your passengers to take, extensive photographs of the accident.  This should include where your car is not laying and photographs of any other vehicles that you hit or hit you. These photos are extremely useful to your injury attorney in building a case for your injuries and stress caused by the accident.  With the advent of cell phones with cameras, it is much easier to take photographs.  Try and include any major structures, such as sign boards, lights, fences etc. within your photographs so that you can easily demonstrate where your car was before and after the accident.

During your medical treatment:

Go to a medical establishment immediately, no matter how minor your injuries may be.  Sometimes minor injuries mask much greater problems.  Not only is this good sense but it helps your car injury lawyer in Austin, prove that you were injured in the crash.
Attend all medical appointments and undertake all treatment advised to do so. This ensures that the other side cannot state that you worsened your illness by not receiving the correct medical care.
Do not sign any agreement to release your medical records without the agreement of your Austin car injury lawyer.
Have all your medical bills sent to your Austin car injury lawyer.  They will liaise with your insurance company for you.  They need these bills to ensure that your injury attorney has the full medical information that they will require.

After the accident:

Do not write in your journal, emails or diary any details about the accident without consulting your car injury lawyer.  Written statements could be used against you in the personal injury trial.  This includes comments to your friends and family. In essence try not to share details with anyone unless you discuss matters with your injury attorney first. Difficult as it seems, not everyone remains a friend when large sums of money are offered to produce written comments.
Do not post any details about your accident or injuries on any social networking site as published information could cause problems in the future.

Unfortunately car accidents in Austin and the surrounding areas are a part of life in this heavily motorized world.  Ensure that you know the name of at least one Austin based car accident lawyer or injury attorney and keep their details in your car.  So, if you have an accident, you have their names available to advise you and defend you in court.

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